Drilling Tools Cop32 Cop34 Cop42 Cop44 Cop54 Cop64 DTH Button Bits

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Drilling Tools Cop32 Cop34 Cop42 Cop44 Cop54 Cop64 DTH Button Bits

1.10 years experience 2. Certificate: ISO9001: 2008 3. Material: Carbide Bit Face Shape Selection: 1. Drop Center Bit 2. Concave Face 3. Convex Face 4. Double Gauge Face 5. Flat Face Bit Carbide Button Shape Selection: 1. Domed/Round Button 2. Parabolic/Semi-Ballistic Buttons 3. Ballistic Button 4. Sharp Button 5. Flat Button Available series of DTH hammer: (1) high pressure SD series hammer: SD 5, SD 6, SD 8, SD 12. QL series hammer: QL 30, QL 40, QL 50, QL 60, QL 80. DHD series hammers: DHD 3.5, DHD 340. DHD 350, DHD 360, DHD380. Mission series hammers: M30, M40, M50, M60, M80. Cop series hammers: Cop 32/34, Cop 42/44, Cop 54/64. NUMA series hammers: Numa100, Numa120, Numa125 (2) medium pressure BR Series: BR1, BR2, BR3 HD25A (3) low air pressure: CIR Series: CIR55, CIR60, CIR70, CIR80, CIR90, CIR100, CIR110, CIR150, CIR170, etc. J Series: J60C, J70C, J80B, J100B, J150B, J170B, J200B, etc. 1. Deliver maximum energy to drilling bit, fast drilling speed and low air consumption due to the special inner structure of HD series DTH hammer designed according to newest rock drilling theory. 2. Smooth performance and long service lifeof HD series DTH hammer due to high quality alloy steel materials and advanced processing technology adapted. 3. Low problem rate and easy to maintenancedue to simple, reliable and easy assemble and disassemble inner structure of hammer. 4. Easy to depart bit from hammer due to multi- Head thread connecting chuck and cylinder of hammer. 5. Interchangeable with DTH bit and drill pipe. About Us: 1. Our factory has been specialized in manufacturing drilling tools and spare parts since 1980. 2. We have advanced technology and equipment. 3. Our technician has more than 25 year's professional working experience. 4. Rock drilling tools are exported throughout the world. Main market: Norway, Turkey, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Iran, Philippines, Thailand, India, etc. DTH hammer type CIR90 Length(less bit) 795mm Weight(less bit) 22.0kg External diameter Φ80mm Bit shank IR3.5" CIR90/QT90 Hole range(mm) Φ90-130 Connection thread male T48*10*2 Working pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa Impact rate 820rpm(6bar) Recommended Rotation speed Air consumption 10bar 120L/s(6bar) 18bar 24bar DTH hammer type HD35 HD45 HD55 Length(less bit) 930mm 1030mm 1170mm Weight(less bit) 24.5kg 39.2kg 71.5kg External diameter Φ81mm Φ99m Φ125m Bit shank IR3.5"COP34 COP44/DHD340 COP54/DHD350R Hole range(mm) Φ90-110 Φ110-135 Φ135-155 Connection thread API 2 3 /8" Reg. API 2 3 /8" Reg. API 2 3 /8" Reg. API 3 1 /2" Reg. Working pressure 0.5-2.5Mpa 0.5-2.5Mpa 0.5-2.5Mpa Impact rate at 17 Bar 28Hz 27Hz 25Hz Recommended Rotation speed 28r/min 25-40r/min 20-30r/min Air consumption 10bar 80L/s 100L/s 1450L/s 18bar 1600L/s 180L/s 280L/s 24bar 210L/s 250L/s 390L/s DTH hammer type HD55C HD65 HD85 Length(less bit) 1160mm 1248mm 1487mm Weight(less bit) 70.00kg 98.00kg 188.00kg External diameter Φ125mm Φ142m Φ180m Bit shank HD55C DHD350Q COP64/DHD360 COP84/DHD380 Hole range(mm) Φ135-155 Φ155-190 Φ195-254 Connection thread API 2³/8" Reg. API 2³/8" Reg. API 4 1 /2" Reg. API 3 1 /2" Reg. Working pressure 0.5-2.5Mpa 0.5-2.5Mpa 0.5-2.5Mpa Impact rate at 17 Bar 25Hz 23Hz 20Hz Recommended Rotation speed 20-30r/min 15-25r/min 15-20r/min Air consumption 10bar 140L/s 175L/s 190L/s 18bar 280L/s 3400L/s 370L/s 24bar 390L/s 475L/s 495L/s

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