DTH Drill Bis Grinder Sharpening Machine

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DTH Drill Bis Grinder Sharpening Machine

BESTLINK---Manufacturer of Button Bit Grinding System in China

(1) Grinder (Button Bit Grinding Machine)

The EGM20 Button Bit Grinder is a high powered tool for worn button bit sharpening. Simplicity in design combined with the latest manufacturing techniques gives the operator a powerful tool for the most demanding job.

EGM20 semi-automatic grinding machines have quickly established themselves as dependable and versatile machines, credited by the professionals and CE approved.
Button Bit Grinder (13)There are more models like BTON200, BTON500, AGM18, etc...are pneumatic models, called air grinder.
Our Air Grinders require a clean and dry air supply of a minimum 80 psi and 29 cfm passing through an in-line oiler to supply lubrication to the grinder. Also, a supply of water from a mains supply or a sump is required to act as a coolant during the grinding process.

Button Bit Grinder (28)

A full spares back-up service is also available.

(2) Grinding Pin, Grinding Cup and Grinding Wheel

Button Bit Grinder (11)BESTLINK supplies you 4 kinds of grinding cup for your various needs.
The Diamond grinding cup is a perfect tool for grinding your broken button bits, to prolong its lifespan.

We have different model: 8mm shank model, 9mm shank model, internal hex drive model and 55-drive model. Our grinding cup can be used for grinding 6mm-25mm button size. Other sizes are available on request.

Button Bit Grinder (15)Benefits for using BESTLINK GRINDING SYSTEM:

1). Low weight-----makes it's easy operation.
2). Low air consumption-----allows grinding at lower compressed air. Fuel saving.
3). Quick chuck-----easy to changing grinding cups without special tools.
4). Cooling system-----a recycling cooling system makes a safe and sustaining working.

Bestlink Factory

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