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Diamond Grinding Wheel for Repairing Button Bit

  • Diamond Grinding Wheel

Diamond Grinding Wheel for Repairing Button Bit

To extract full power from your hammer and squeeze the maximum number of meters from each drill bit, regular grinding is essential. Armed with sharp bits, you'll not only boost productivity, but also experience far less wear and tear on your drillstring and rig.

It is for resharpening the tip carbide buttons, and giving longer lifetime to the drilling button bits. It is for drillers prefer to spend less money on drilling.


Grinding  wheel Button diameter Grinding  machine
Diamond Grinding Wheel for Repairing Button Bit 7mm Grind Matic BQ2
   Grind Matic Manual B
   Grind Matic BQ2-DTH
   Grind Matic Manual B-DTH

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