ES-16 Mushroom Wall Cladding Stone Processing Machine

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ES-16 Mushroom Wall Cladding Stone Processing Machine

Products Features:


Great for cutting sandstone, slate and marble to mushroom finish. Very easy to operate, we supply video. The mushroom stone processing machine are designed by ourselves proprietary intellectual property rights. Work fast for stone and suitble for stone processing factory. So far, all our clients give us high High evaluation and good feedback.


Technical Parameters:


ModelMotor power(kw)Max splitting height (mm)



width (mm)

Stroke (shot/min)Overall size(mm)Net weight(kg)
ES-16 (for slate,sandstone,marble only)1.530080140800*800*2200850
ES-40 (for slate,sandstone,marble only)4400801401100*950*25001000

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