The Advantage of Uniface Button Bits

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The Advantage of Uniface Button Bits

UNIFACE drill bits incorporate the largest upgrade to DTH bits in decades, with long bit life essential in cutting costs and improving productivity.

Having the correct bit is a crucial factor in the performance of any drilling operation. The UNIFACE bit design has several features, when combined, significantly improve bit life and productivity. In fact, the service life of the UNIFACE bit can be as much as 80 percent longer than current the UNIFACE is designed for optimized flushing that gives a more even wear of the gauge, increasing the life of the bit. In order to achieve a consistent penetration rate, the buttons have been placed so that they always hit fresh rock.


The UNIFACE design stands out

 • Raised center ensures center buttons hit the rock first, resulting in even better collaring and straighter holes.

• Optimized number and placement of flushing holes (depending on diameter size, either three or four), with equal distance between flushing grooves evenly distributing air flow and reducing wear on gauge buttons.

• No face slots ensures that the air is more evenly distributed around the bit, resulting in a more even wear. It also facilitates better clearing of cuttings in front of the bit and makes it possible to evenly place the buttons.

• The evenly-placed buttons enable the UNIFACE bit to cover the entire cutting area with just 90 degrees’ rotation. This means that there is no double breaking of the same rock or missed breaking, enabling more even wear of the buttons and resulting in increased button life. The even load distribution on all buttons also reduces the risk of button breakage.

The tool life improvements delivered by the UNIFACE design also yield significant health and safety benefits, since operators spend less time changing tools. “The new bit design essentially delivers more drill meters per shift compared with a standard bit, thanks to less frequent bit changes,” says Johan Bergquist, Global Product Line Manager DTH Tools, we launch an updated and improved DTH drill bit design. The result is a design with a number of features that are new to the industry and that significantly increase bit life, while maintaining penetration rate.”

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