Supply Grinding cups button bit grinding machine

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Supply Grinding cups button bit grinding machine

Button Bit Grinding Machine/ Button Bit Grinder/Rectificadora de botones

You've probably known for a long time that regular grinding is essential for productivity. But what you may not know is just how important it is. We decided to crunch some numbers and find out. By wearing down your button bits by a third you'll slow down your penetration rate by 30%. But more importantly you'll increase your running costs by at least 40%! And why? Because the hole will take longer to drill and your labor and rig running costs will escalate. And at the end of the day you'll have drilled fewer holes.

Staying sharp makes a lot of business sense

Maintaining penetration can save you money. Firstly, you need good grinding equipment for a start – and you won't find any better than ours. And secondly, you need to spend time and energy grinding your bits. But the rewards are significant. For an investment amounting to just 2% of your overall drilling costs, you can restore your worn bits to their former glory. And with these bits you cut the time and manpower needed to drill the hole. In fact, you can reduce overall drilling costs up to 30%. How? By using the market's widest selection of efficient, ergonomically designed grinding machines for fixed installations and field operations - BTON grinding system.

BTON button bit grinding system is a high power, pneumatic button bit grinding tool, designed for hand-held use. The system features an efficient throttle and support handle, which give the operator an unprecedented level power and control, making BTON the premier tool for even the most demanding job.

By changing the adapter, you can use any type of grinding pins on our BTON button bit grinder, like the pins from KING, SVK, CME, Atlas.

The BTON grinder can work with 4 kinds of grinding cups to get better grinding effect just by replace the coupling chuck.

Photos of the drill bits after grinding:

Bestlink Diamond grinding cup for Blasting and Mining Equipment Button Bit Grinding

drill bit Sharpener 5Supply Grinding cups button bit grinding machineatlas grinding cup 8CME grinding cup (2)CME grinding cup (6)CME grinding cup (1)

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