Stone Separating Air Bag

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Stone Separating Air Bag

Products Features

The Pushing Air Bag is manufactured with high-tech materials and processed by special techniques, no frequent problem in split or damage reusable.

The standard configuration set: Each set contains two air bags, with one set of air pipe & air control panel.


It performs primely and is suitable for blocks splitting after wire saw cutting in quarry. Polymer blocks pushing air bag is used to separate the marble, granite, stones(rock mass) block from the basic rock achieving a maximum opening of 45cm at the top. The air bag can separate the block (rock mass) which is having all side wire saw cut faces.


Technical Data

SpecificationPushing capacity
50×50 cm15tons

100×50 cm


100×100 cm


100×150 cm75tons

100×200 cm


150×150 cm






1,Thickness less than 7mm 

2,Pushing power can be 20 to 200 tons
3,Durable and repairable
4,Price is economic

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