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Reaming Bit with Pilot Adapter R25-40mm-102mm

Reaming Bit with Pilot Adapter R25-40mm-102mm

  • Reaming Bit with Pilot Adapter R25-40mm-102mm

Reaming Bit with Pilot Adapter R25-40mm-102mm

Drifting and tunneling

This type of bit is used for making large cut holes in drifting and tunneling. A smaller hole is first drilled and then reamed to the final size in combination with a pilot adapter. Large diameter service holes from level to level for drainage, electrical cable or pipe lines routinely used to ream cut holes for development rounds and for long hole blasting of drop raise

Production description
Reaming bits were widely used in quarrying or mining for blast hole drilling, with pilot adaptors, the drilling direction can be ensured and accurate. Pilot holes are drilled depth and then reamed out to a larger diameter in a second pass required when hole diameter exceeds the capabilities of the  rock drill and drilling tools available.

Materials: Tungsten carbide and high strength alloy steels. 
Processing: CNC milling and proprietary "hot (thermal) -insertion" processing procedure to insert the buttons as same as internationally well-known brand ,military grade requirements of heat-treatment guarantee durability .


Bit type:

Dome bit / Reaming bits

Connection Angle:

6 / 10 / 12  degree

Diameter of Pilot adaptors:

26 / 28 / 35 / 40 mm etc

Diameter of reaming button bits:

60 / 64 / 70 / 76 / 80 / 89 / 102 / 127 / 150

Thread type:

R25 / R28 / R32 / R38

Reaming bits

PIC. Model Dia. Gauge button front button taper products no.
A 6° Taper reaming button bits (shperic or parabolic buttons) 64 8*Φ9mm 2*Φ10mm KTQ1264-6-1
64 8*Φ9mm 4*Φ8mm KTQ1264-6-2
65 8*Φ9mm 4*Φ8mm KTQ1265-6
76 8*Φ10mm 4*Φ10mm KTQ1276-6-1
76 8*Φ10mm 4*Φ9mm KTQ1276-6-2
76 8*Φ11mm 2*Φ11mm KTQ1276-6-3‘
76 7*Φ11mm 4*Φ11mm KTQ1176-6-3’‘
76 8*Φ14mm 4*Φ13mm KTQ1276-6-4
89 8*Φ12mm 4*Φ12mm KTQ1289-6-1
89 8*Φ12mm 4*Φ11mm KTQ1289-6-2
89 8*Φ12mm 4*Φ10mm KTQ1289-6-3
89 8*Φ13mm 4*Φ10mm KTQ1289-6-4
89 8*Φ12mm 4*Φ11mm KTQ1289-6-5
102 8*Φ14mm 4*Φ12mm KTQ12102-6
12° Taper reaming button bits (shperic or parabolic buttons) 89 8*Φ12mm 4*Φ10mm  12° KZQ1289-12
102 8*Φ12mm 4*Φ12mm 12° KZQ12102-12-1
102 8*Φ14mm 4*Φ12mm  12° KZQ12102-12-2
127 10*Φ13mm 8*Φ13mm  12° KZQ18127-12-1
127 10*Φ13mm 10*Φ13mm  12° KZQ18127-12-2
B 6° Taper chisel reaming bits 60 carbide:12*8mm (4pcs) KTS460-6
64 KTS464-6
65 KTS465-6
70 KTS470-6
76 carbide:12*10mm (4pcs) KTS476-6
80 KTS480-6
89 KTS489-6
10° Taper chisel reaming bits 70 carbide:12*8mm (6pcs) 10° KTS670-10
75 KTS675-10
80 KTS680-10
90 KTS690-10
100 carbide:12*10mm (6pcs) KTS6100-10
120 KTS6120-10
C Pilot adaptors 6° chisel:Φ26/28*12*8mm L=240/300mm,thread:R25/28/32*12.7mm,6°
Pilot adaptors 12° chisel:Φ35/40*15*10mm L=250mm,thread:R25/28/32*12.7mm,12°
D Thread chisel reaming bits 60 carbide:12*8mm (4pcs) RF25 KTS460-25RF
70 KTS470-25RF
80 carbide:12*10mm (6pcs) RF32 KTS680-32RF
90 KTS690-32RF
100 KTS6100-32RF
120 KTS6120-32RF
130 RF38 KTS6130-38RF
150 KTS6150-38RF
E Integral reaming button bits  89 12*Φ11mm 2*Φ11mm+1*Φ10mm R32/R38*12.7 KZQ89
102 12*Φ12mm 2*Φ12mm+1*Φ10mm R32/R38*12.7 KZQ102-1
102 12*Φ14mm 2*Φ10mm+1*Φ10mm R32/R38*12.7 KZQ102-2
127 8*Φ14mm 8*Φ12mm+2*Φ12mm R38*12.7 KZQ127
F Dome reaming bit (shperic or parabolic buttons) 76 9*Φ13mm 1*Φ13mm R32/T38/T45 DFR76
89 14*Φ13mm 1*Φ13mm R32/T38/T45 DFR89
102 16*Φ13mm 1*Φ13mm R32/T38/T45 DFR102
127 18*Φ13mm 1*Φ13mm R32/T38/T45 DFR127
152 18*Φ14mm 2*Φ14mm T45/T51/ST58/ST68 DFR152-1
152 9*Φ16mm 6*Φ16mm ST58/ST68 DFR152-2

product detail for reaming bit

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