Railway and Highway Tunneling Borehole Drilling Thread Drill Extension Rods (mm/MF)

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Railway and Highway Tunneling Borehole Drilling Thread Drill Extension Rods (MM/MF)

Drifting and tunneling

Product Name:

extension rods


extension rods

Thread drill rod made with best quality carbon steel bar,through heat treatment like Atlas.


carbon steel bar


No MOQ required for testing and trial order

Body Type

Round shape and  hexagonal type

Thread type





Thread extention Rod and MF rod



R32 thread:
Extension rods, R32-Round32-R32, length915mm/1000mm/1220mm/1830mm/2435mm/3050mm/3660mm
M/F rods, R32-Round32-R32, length 915mm/1220mm/1525mm/1830mm/2435mm/3050mm/3660mm
Guide speed rods, R32-Round39-R32, length 3050mm/3660mm
Guide tube, R32-Round46-R32, length 1220mm/1525mm/1830mm/3050mm

T38 thread:
Extension rods, T38-Round39-T38, length1220mm/1525mm/1830mm/2435mm/3050mm/3660mm/3965mm/4270mm/4880mm/5530mm/6095mm
Double thread extension rods, T38-Round39-T38, length 3050mm/3660mm
MF rods, T38-Round39-T38, length915mm/1220mm/1525mm/1830mm/3050mm/3660mm/4270mm/4880mm/5530mm/6095mm
Guide speed rods, T38-Round46-T38, length 1830mm/3050mm/3660mm/4270mm/4880mm/5530mm/6095mm
Guide tube, T38-Round56-T38, length 1220mm/1525mm/1830mm/3050mm/3660mm/4920mm
Hex extension rods, T38-Hex32-T38, length 1220mm/1830mm/2435mm/3050mm/3660mm

T45 thread:
Extension rods, T45-Round46-T45, length 1830mm/2435mm/3050mm/3660mm/4270mm/5530mm/6095mm
MF rods, T45-Round46-T45, length1525mm/1830mm/3050mm/3660mm/4270mm/5530mm/6095mm
Guide speed rods, T45-Round52-T45, length 3050mm/3660mm/4270mm/5530mm/6095mm
Guide tube: T45-Round64-T45, length 1220mm/1525mm/1830mm/3050mm/3660mm
Guide tube: T45-Round76-T45, length 1830mm/3660mm

T51 thread:
Extension rods, T51-Round52-T51, length3050mm/3660mm/4270mm/4880mm/5530mm/6095mm
MF rods, T51-Round52-T51, length1525mm/1830mm/3050mm/3660mm/4270mm/4880mm/5530mm/6095mm
Guide rods, T51-Round76-T51, length 1830mm/3660mm
Guide tube, T51-Round87-T51, length 3660mm

T60 thread:
MF rods, T60-Round60-T60, length 3660mm/4265mm/6095mm

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