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Quarry Stone Drilling Machines YN27C Internal Combustion Gasoline Rock Drill Jack Hammer

  • YN27C Gasoline rock drill

Quarry Stone Drilling Machines YN27C Internal Combustion Gasoline Rock Drill Jack Hammer

Internal combustion rock drill model YN27C is a portable rock-drilling tool, combined of a small petrol engine, an air compressor and a rock drill. During operation, rock powder is blown away by the compressed air produced by the machine also can be used with supporting stand. 
It is easy to be carried with its light weight,and suitable for working on high mountains, plains, hot and cold condition where there is no any of power, water supply and air compressing equipments. Especially, suits the projects that the machine has to be carried at any time and in any area.
With turning the swing arm to running-or-stop rotation plumbum,the machine can be used as a tool for breaking, percussive drilling, tamping besides rock is suitable to build  bridge, road, powder station, geological exploration etc.

Technical Parameters

Rock Drill Type




Overall dimension(L*W*H) (mm)


Diameter of engine piston(mm)


Stroke of engine piston(mm)


Rotating speed of engine(r/min)


Rotating speed of drilling rod(r/min)


Oil consumption(L/m)


Tank capacity(liter)


Max.drilling depth(m)


Shank size(mm)

Hex 22x108

Ignition system

controllable silicon,
contactless system

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