Manual-hydraulic DTH Hammer Breakout Bench 3 inch to 8 inch manual

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Manual-hydraulic DTH Hammer Breakout Bench 3 inch to 8 inch manual

Products Feature

DTH Hammer Loosening Tools: The threaded connections of the driver chuck and top sub may become very tightly tensioned during drilling.It is convenient to break the hammer threads on the rig, but if the threads cannot be loosened or tend to get stuck, a DTH Hammer Assembling equipment is the solution.
This handy but powerful DTH Hammer Loosening Tools / DTH Breakout Bench can easily be placed in a workshop or container and it breaks DTH hammers between 3.5''-8".
Specification / Technical Date
The DTH Hammer loosening tools is widely using in Mining, Quarrying.

Hammer size range: 3"- 8"

Bench size (length x width x height): 1060 x 930 x 1050 mm

Weight: 800 kg

Max make up torque: 50 ftlb

Max break out torque: 60 ftlb

Operation height: 750 mm

Hydraulic pressure range: 0-20 MPa



Characteristics / Advantages: 
1. High effective torque
2. Completely mechanical
3. Easy usage
4. Safe and reliable
5. More precise positioning of hammer, avoiding damage to cylinder in vulnerable places.
6. Easy to disassemble hammers that are very tight due to high working pressures .



Products Details Pictures:

Here is the pictures for DTH hammer loosening tools, working details for your reference: 

DTH Hammer breakout bench 4

DTH Hammer breakout bench 3

DTH Hammer breakout bench 2

DTH Hammer breakout bench 1

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