Hard Rock Drilling 102mm T38 Threaded Button Bits

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Long hole drilling tools Hard Rock Drilling 102mm T38 Threaded Button Bits

A complete assortment of top hammer tools for long hole drilling, includes MF-rods, extension drifter rod, coupling sleeve, shank adapters and drill bits. Our drilling system offer high rate of penetration, quality straight drill holes, and low total production cost.
Drifting and tunneling


  • Superior wear resistance means less downtime, longer service life, and bigger profits

  • With high penetration rate and straight, high-quality holes lowers your production cost

  • Correct rock tools selection can cut hole deviation in half and increase profitability

  • Longer service life of drill steel components means your drilling tool cost is reduced

  • Increased service life means less downtime and fewer injuries

  • Straighter holes, less hole deviation gives you better-balanced fragmentation

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BESTLINK top hammer drilling bits are designed for extended wear life.

Retrac skirt & straightrac skirt help to guide the bit in and out of the hole, effective in straight hole drilling.

Product:T38 Retrac Button Bit
Diameter:φ 64-102mm
Other Threaded Type:R25, α330, R32, T45, T51, ST58, ST68, GT60 etc.
Button Shape:ballistic button or spherical button
Face Design:flat face (FF), drop center (DC), uni-face (UF) etc.
Skirt Design:retrac skirt and straightrac skirt
Suitable Machine:hydraulic rock drill
Suitable Block:granite and marble

Thread button bit

Packing thread drill bits


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