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Electric button bits grinder EGM75

  • EGM75 button bits grinder
Electric button bits grinder EGM75

This machine is used for sharpening tungsten carbide button of drill bits, to recover its original function. The motor drives the rotary grinding cup by high speed grinding of tungsten carbide button, the telescopic cylinder drives grinding head up and down, there is a water pump to complete the work of cooling.  

Technical Data:

Working air pressure

5-7 bar (100 psi)

Air consumption

1.2-1.8 m3 / min (40-65ft3/min)

Max. Water pressure

4 bar (60 psi)

Water consumption

2-4 L/min *

Rated power (motor)

7.5 KW

Coolant/flushing medium


Air connection, air hose

19 mm

Water connection, water hose


Dimensions: H*W*D




Electric power data

1phase 220V,50 Hz or 3 phases, 380V,50 Hz**

* With cooling tank unit:0.2-0.3L/min.

** Customized is available

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