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Competitive Prices for YT28 Pneumatic Air Leg Rock Drill

YT28 Pneumatic Air Leg Rock Drill

  • YT28 Pneumatic Air Leg Rock Drill

Y24 Dry Vertical Drilling Pneumatic Jack Hammer

Hand-held pneumatic rock drills

For hand held rock drills, we have Y6, Y20, Y19A Y24 and Y26. Among them, the Y6, Y20 and Y24 are widely used in quarrying or construction industry.
Model Y20 and Y24 Hand-held Rock Drill is intended for drilling downward and inclined blast holes in medium hard and herd rock (f=8~18):•The rock drill is mainly used small quarries. Mines for constructing in mountain areas, water conservancy works in capital construction, also for secondary blasting in large mines and other projects.


Air-leg pneumatic rock drills

Our air-leg rock drills have following features:
1. Fit for wet drilling in medium-hard or hard rock
2. Grouped control mechanism, quick to start up, with "air on, water on, air off, water off" machanism, convenient to handle and easy to maintain and repair.
3. Energy-saving and efficient, long service life of parts which are highly interchangeable and reliable performance.
4. YT28 differs from similar products particularly in its high efficiency strong flushing and powerful torque.


Model Working Pressure Air Consumption Shank Size





Packaging Size
MPa Bar m3/min cfm (mm) (mm) (mm) (L×W×H) (mm)
Y18 0.4 4 1.4 49 Hex22*108 17 20 590×280×180
Y19 0.4 4 1.9 67 Hex22*108 18 21 690×300×190
Y20 0.4 4 1.7 60 Hex22*108 18 21 590×280×180
Y24 0.4-0.5 4-5 2.1-2.6 74-92 Hex22*108 24 27 740×310×220
Y26 0.5 5 3.2 113 Hex22*108 26 29 780×310×220
YT24 0.5 5 2.8 99 Hex22*108 24 27 740×310×220
YT28 0.5 5 3.8 134 Hex22*108 26 29 740××310×220

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