Breakout Bench for DTH Hammer Top Sub Removal

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Breakout Bench for DTH Hammer

Model CX-5(manual) CX-8(manual) ECX10(electric)
Operate  hammers 3-5" 6-8" 3.5-10" (Sandvik)
Length 920mm 1100mm 1060mm
Width 510mm 620mm 1050mm
Height 875mm 875mm 930mm
Weight 200kg 230kg 800kg


Breakout bench for DTH hammer

ECX10(electric) Electrical Type Hydraulic Breakout Bench

Breakout bench for DTH hammer

The DTH hammer is an impact drilling tool that is directly contact with the hard rock during drilling, the internal parts of the hammer need to be maintained, a breakout equipment should be used for disassembling the hammer and maintain the internal parts.

The threaded connections of the driver chuck and top sub may become very tightly tensioned during drilling. It is convenient to break the hammer threads on the rig, but if the threads cannot be loosened or tend to get stuck, a DTH Hammer disassembling equipment is the solution.

This handy but powerful DTH Hammer disassembling equipment can easily be placed in a workshop or container and it breaks DTH hammers between 3-8".

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