​Bestlink Factory Price Hydraulic Stone Splitter Paving-Stones Splitting Machine Manufacturers

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Bestlink Factory Price Hydraulic Stone Splitter Paving-Stones Splitting Machine Manufacturers

Hydraulic stone splitter, hydraulic stone splitting machine, which cut quarry leftover stone into any smaller natural face kerb stone, cube stone, wall stone, paveing stone etc. two kind of blade available, one is gear blade(cutting head), another is fluctating solid blade, both could adjust itself intelligently according the stone surface (height difference of stone surfaces within 4cm is recommended).

Thinking seriously about preparing another storage place for more and more leftover stone resulting from stone quarrying? Or how and where to discard the leftover stone fragment from stone slab processing?      

Use our Bestlink stone machine, you may find a way resolve this problem partly. Our Bestlink stone machine could cut the quarry leftover stone into small cubes and crushed products or stamped factory slab leftover into different shapes of paving stone. These products could be widely applied in road construction, buildings & court yard structures, water & environment construction, such as piers, port facilities, river banks, water purification dams, flood area kerbs, docks, stone walls, noise barriers, embankments, counrtyard & park ornaments and paving stones.    

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Xiamen Bestlink Factory Co., Ltd  is  committed  to  provide  the  best  drilling  and  cutting machine,  tools and accessories products in marble and granite stone quarrying,  as well as in civil engineering application, especial demolition project. it is now a leading manufacturer of cutting and drilling equipment for the extraction of marble, granite  and ornamental stones in china.  


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