2021 YN27C gasoline rock drill hydraulic drilling rig for quarry

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2021 YN27C gasoline rock drill hydraulic drilling rig for quarry 

2021 YN27C gasoline rock drill hydraulic drilling rig for quarry

Gasoline rock drill machine is mainly used in places that lack of electricity and compressed air. Compared with other types of rock drill, it has advantages such as light weight, portable, strong adaptability, convenient operation and so on.Meanwhile it is a hand- held drill, during operation,rock power is blown away by the compressed air produced by the machine itself. .Its suited to work on high mountains, plains.

Main Characteristics

1. Easy to operate, just turn the handle to make it work.

2.Time and labor saving, drilling fast and high efficiency.

3. First-class level drilling tools, suitable for site without power or pressure equipment, it has wide adaptability for high mountain

and plain, extreme temperature (40 to -40).

4.Used to drill vertical downward hole(max depth 6) and and <45 upward hole.

5.Light drilling tools, only 27kg, easy to carry.

Engine Displacement
185 cm3
Drilling Hole Diameter
22 to 70mm
Drilling Speed
Fuel consumption
Punching skill
Drilling and breaking

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